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 Thanks for the prompt responses to my request. After reading your web site you make a stool at 26 inches which is better for me than the 22 inch model I have now. The original catalogue I ordered from a couple of years ago did not show the higher models. I ordered the 26 inch model last night from Duluth, one of your U.S.A. distributors and it should arrive before we leave on our trip.
 I cannot tell you how much attention my walk stool received when we took a river cruise on Viking River Cruises from Budapest to Amsterdam in October of 2013. I can walk, but when the tour guides stop to describe something, I need to sit rather than standing still. At each stop I got off with my walk stool and folks began to come up to me to see where I got it and I gave them the information. It packed in my suitcase and was not trouble to carry with me on walking tours.
 Then, four couples in our neighborhood were planning the same river cruise in 2014 and saw my walk stool in pictures from our trip and all four couples ordered the stool. We live in a zero lot subdivision here in Germantown, Tennessee and this past weekend, a group of us volunteered to paint a iron fence that had begun to rust. There were four walk stools in use as we painted and you cannot believe how many neighbors who walked by asked where we got them.
 Your product is wonderful for those of us who are not able to walk great distances but still can walk with the benefit of occasionally sitting down. We love to travel, especially in Europe, and without your walk stool, we would not be able to travel and enjoy our trips or we would have to stop traveling altogether.
 Thank you for making this wonderful stool and thank you for the amazing response when I wrote to ask about the rubber foot that I lost somehow. American companies can certainly take a lesson from the way you treat your customers who have already bought one of your products.
 Most senior Americans belong to AARP (American Association of Retired People) and get a monthly newsletter from that organization. If you do not already do so, an ad in this news letter would probably result in many orders for your walk stools.
 Thank You

Jerry Heimlicher



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