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 As I suffer from a lot of pain in my legs walking and standing for even a short while can be a major problem. I go to a lot of re-enactment days and have to leave after a couple of hours because the pain gets too much and then I curse myself for missing the “best bits”. Something to sit on was essential if I was to continue.
 After searching the Internet I came across the Walkstool and it has saved my photographic hobby as I can now sit down and rest whenever and where ever I need to.
 The stools come in various heights (I picked a higher one as I have trouble rising) and are extremely light and pack up really small. You carry it like a backpack and it is so light you don’t notice it at all. I am no light weight but these stools are both very strong and comfortable, easy to erect, and very stable. Not the cheapest stool on the market but you get what you pay for.
 The first time I used it was at a photography day at Tutbury Castle. I was one of the first to arrive and one of the last to leave, being there a total of 8 hours and NO pain. Rather than being laughed at for sitting on a stool in the middle of a field, or by the side of an arena (something I couldn’t even do before) I have had numerous enquiries from passers’ by as to where I bought it and many of our friends (including my other half) have since bought one.
 I no longer need to check if there is adequate seating every time we want to go somewhere, or see how far it is from the car park, I just grab my stool and go. It has opened up so many places for me and is worth its weight (little that it is) in gold.




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