Do you often work
squatting or kneeling?
Please don't ...

  If you often work squatting, you will be at high risk of eventually suffering from backache, sore knees and joint problems. Many professionals are all too familiar with this problem. Having Walkstool as a companion can be a lifelong investment in this regard. It's small and light when you carry it but a steady and comfortable caretaker while being used.

Two sitting heights

  When working at low heights, please try sitting on Walkstool without extending the telescopic legs. This will relieve pressure from your back and knees while working in lower positions. The telescopic legs will allow you to use Walkstool at two different sitting heights, which means that it fits in most of the more demanding work postures that can arise in the everyday life of a skilled worker.
  Walkstool is recommended by physiotherapists.  It has been made especially for anyone forced to work often in uncomfortable positions. That is one of the reasons why many professionals treat it as an essential part of their everyday work equipment. Due to its small size it will fit in your toolbox ready for being used at any time.

Protect your employees

 What trades person wants to retire early or at pensionable age and have such knee, joint or back problems that they cannot live a fully active life during their old age? There is no reason for accepting that certain types of work unavoidably lead to physical handicap, which results in both physical and psychological discomfort for the rest of people’s lives.

 When employers calculate the costs of problems with knees, joints and backs in terms of reduced work efficiency, increased sick leave, knee operations, rehabilitation as well as reduced income when employees are absent, then they realise that investments in work aids which prevent or reduce the above-mentioned problems are extremely profitable investments.

Well tried out

  Everybody who has evaluated Walkstool agrees that it has a positive effect on the work posture in positions where their knees and back are put under strain. We have:

… together with Previa, a company health service, tested the height of the seat.

… with permission from the electricians' union regional safety representative, tried out the stool among electricians at 40 different workplaces in Sweden.

… together with physiotherapists, tested the stool from an ergonomic aspect.

… collaborated with Arbetsplatscentrum in Malmö.