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This product is awesome. I am a professional sports photographer and it is the perfect tool for shooting Basketball and Wrestling. Before I purchased the Walkstool I would kneel during the entire game so I could get the action from the angle I wanted while not blocking the view of spectators at court level. Sitting at essentially the same height is much more comfortable. The Walkstool is very sturdy and unbelievably light weight. It packs nicely and comes with a handy mesh carry bag. The product itself is darn near perfect for what I need. I would caution buyers to make sure that they purchase the Walkstool from an authorized dealer. Mine became damaged and I have had a very hard time getting any type of customer service from the seller. I purchased mine from Ornem through Amazon and when I tried to contact customer support I was given two other companies to contact by Amazon.I needed help not a run around. I finally contacted the manufacturer in Sweden for support. Mr Lars Andersson in Sweden immediately helped me to solve my problem which is a testament to his companies commitment to stand behind their product. I think the Walkstool is an Awesome product well worth every dime I spent but I wish I had purchased it through an authorized dealer.

Daniel De Mato Photography Inc.



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