Walkstool Comfort 45 L
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Walkstool is a Swedish invention and the only three legged stool in the world with telescopic legs, patents and trade mark protections. Itīs a very light, compact, extremely comfortable to sit on and with outstanding quality. Easy to carry on your shoulder or in a backpack. Think of all situations when it would be nice to have something nice to sit on. Why stand when you can sit!
Each Walkstool Comfort is being delivered in a practical bag for carriage and storage.

Two sitting positions – with or without folding out the telescopic legs. Super when resting or working in low positions.
Light weight - aluminum construction.
Portable - telescopic with a carrying bag.
Durable - High quality and load capacity.
Comfortable - ergonomic and big seat (size L).
Wide usage - from professionals to outdoor.
Unique - the only 3-legged telescopic stool in the world with patents and trade mark protections.
Big rubber feet - ???

Weight725 g / 26 oz
Packed Size28 cm / 11 in
MaterialAnodized Aluminum, Nylon
Capacity200 kg / 440 lbs
Country of originSweden
ManufacturerScandinavian Touch AB
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